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May 18

    Ooooh! I’m tired! Punchy and I slept

through Philosophy, and I got up for

the marketing sort of sleepily. In Economics

I hesitantly began to read my report

on Agriculture (1940-1942) and Doc

Heidingsfield said it was one the

best: therefore I love him good.

    This afternoon I graduated from

the 50 yd line in archery and

was happy to go in swimming on

account of its being so very hot.

At work tonight there were too

many of us to record so I just

sort of sat and was errand girl –

terrifically boring – it’ll be sort

of good not to work anymore.

     Mother called tonight to tell me

that Daddy’s coming down this weekend –

it’ll be swell and I’m awfully glad,

but I can’t push off studying for

exams much longer!