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May 19

   Today was the day when my conscience

finally pushed me to the point of settling

down to do some studying – English Lit. –

and I really got quite a bit of it

accomplished, considering all that I have

to do. So much work all at the end

of the year (I know: it’s my own fault!)

at 3:30 P.M. Beth, Punchy Carolyn and I

took time out for trek towards the Wigwam

for milkshakes and tin roofs to brighten our

dreary outlooks on life. At work tonight

I learned Rate and Route and that’s

all the news there is about me.

    Mimi Jardine became engaged last night

to MacGregor (a lieutenant in the Navy who

seems swell). Gollee – that’s the third in

one little week for the KΔ house. Carolyn

Harley agreed to take George’s miniature

on her five hours off “campus” with him

Saturday night, and Marty and Tommy

are finally all set too. Such romance!!