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May 21

    So many things have happened again today.

I went downtown and then paid my $25 room

reservation deposit out of my savings. At ten

o’clock the train came in and Daddy got off

after a hectic trip. He, Cary and I went

to the Lodge and found he’s rooming

with a Marine major who is quite a

character and has wild parties each

night. Poor dad – he came here for a

rest too! We had lunch in the dining

room and then I read over some philosophy

notes, just for the heck of it. More

relaxing and then Punchy and I

went to work for the last time. I’m

glad it's over in a way cause it’s getting

sort of boring not to be doing anything

new, but we’re going to miss the neat

gang down there.

    A senior party back at the house

with lush lovely reminiscences, singing,

munching on candy bars, punch and lollypops.

Such wonderful girls!!!