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May 22

   Day after day, things pile up! I went

up to the Lodge and met Daddy for

lunch, then coming back to campus

for an Economics Review class. Warren

Ripley and his mother (down to see him)

came over to the house and then

they went to the movies with Daddy

and me to see “American Empire” one of

the corniest Westerns I’ve ever seen. –

‘twas horrible. Beth and Punchy

went up to the Lodge to meet us and

we had a hysterical evening, including

a yummy STEAK dinner, a trek to

the major’s room, (meeting him and

some of his gang.) and chatting with

Chuck Gondak and other interesting

people. We laughed and laughed together

and really enjoyed ourselves.

    Marty became officially engaged

to Tommy with a lovely ring. Mmmm!

    Perky letter from Floyd.