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May 23

    Another day at the Lodge! Carolyn Harley

and I walked up to Bruton to meet

Daddy for church. Reverend Wood, from Toronto,

Canada, preached the sermon which was one

of the best I’d ever heard (personification

of the Cathedral in Coventry and St. Paul’s in

London – most unusual but stirring!)

   Kay, Lou Holly and Danny came up

to the Lodge for dinner and more

idle chitchat. Kay, Lou and Holly left

soon after dinner to do some studying.

but Danny stayed and the three of

us talked and relaxed in the sun. We

had a bite (a bite, I say?) to eat in

the coffee shoppe and then I came

back to the house and dove into my

English Lit. – my mind’s bleary

as it always becomes at this stage

of the game (and I haven’t even started

to study yet!)

   Harold called tonight!