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May 25

   Dad left this morning on the morning

train but along that time I was

hibernating in Wren with my English

Lit. exam. Twas really a corker – most

of it was fair, but as always I met

my Waterloo on the spot passages. At

least the darned thing is over and

I’ll never have to think of English Lit.

again. (One exam down and four to

go: Eureka!!)

   This afternoon I stopped at Barrett

with a birthday present for Holly,

went to the Wigwam and eventually

settled down to studying Psychology

of the interview, rather half-heartedly.

My brain can’t stand too much

concentrated studying all at once.

Gee, I’m living and breathing for a

week from now when it’ll be all

over. Such fun as it’s been though.

   A postcard from Harold.