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May 26

    Apologies, Diary, for the monotony

of these entries but the fact remains

that I’m a study bug and nothing else.

My only communion with the outside world

was a trek to Casey’s for shampoo

with which to wash my hair; and after

that I returned to Philosophy and

Economics. Such a broadening intellectual

viewpoint as I’m developing!

    Much excitement over Jinx Richardson!

Supposedly she spent the night in town

with Bill Lugar already married and

is being shipped. Rumors are spreading

fast and furiously. ‘Tis a shame

cause she really is a neat girl

inspite of all the confusion in which

she’s been involved.

   Letters from Mother and Bugsie,

saying she has to have her wisdom

teeth dug out of her jaws. Poor gal!

Also packages & empty cartons from Dad.