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May 28

   My brain just keeps on getting wearier

and wearier! This morning I had my

Psych exams, and this afternoon Econ., both

of which were entirely different from what

I’d expected. Unless Doc Heidingsfield is

terrifically lenient – there goes my A!

Good and amazing news though: I got

B as my final grade in English Lit. Dr.

Crane mustn’t have counted all my mistaken

spot passages very much. I love him

dearly for it. – for bringing my C up

to a B when I hadn’t expected a

C definitely. Then too, I learned I’d gotten

B on my last Psych exam (taken weeks

ago!) So, excepting for what I did on my

exams today, scholastically life’s looking up.

   After supper, Beth, Punchy and I

took a longish bike ride and it was

such fun. Twas my first actual

ride, and rather long too.

   A letter from Colbie and cards from Dad.