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May 31

   Such a snap of a Spanish final with

translations of sentences like “How are you?” –

would that they all had been like

that! Anyhoo, it’s over and I’m

beautifully and blissfully free.

   This afternoon I pulled open

drawers; dumped things on my bed;

and by a process of elimination,

packed my trunk. I love to pack,

and really enjoyed it.

   With frequent trips to downtown

to arrange for returning extra

board money and doing last

minute shopping, the afternoon

sped by till time for Cary, Janie,

Mimi Boone and I to see “The

More the Merrier,” a howl of a

movie about the Washington housing

problem, starring Charles Coburn, Jean

Arthur and Joel McCray. Darling.

    Letters from Daddy, Audrey and Bill Brennan.