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June 1

   The year is now officially almost over

and we really have come to the parting

of the ways. Beth and Punchy left

on the morning train and I miss them

lots. Gosh, I’m going to hate it when

I hop on the train Thursday morning

and really say “So long!” to ‘em all.

   This afternoon was spent in sprawling

on one bed after another: complete relaxation

after the exam period. Midge, Jane

and I basked in the sun by the Practice

House but that soon got too hot and we

returned to our beds.

   I finished packing stuff, but

the darned old railway Express man

hasn’t come here yet.

   After supper, Louise, Danny and I

went down to the station to see Tommy

Lou Bronough off and fooled around


   Strawberries for the fifth time this week.

I love them, but……