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June 2

    The day for tieing up all the loose

little ends and then sitting back to

realize with far off glance that it

has come. Carolyn Harley spent last night

here and as roommates we talked about

dolls and other unusual things, including

the natural topic of her conversation, George.

    This morning was taken up with frequent

jaunts downtown. I took our broken

records back to the record shop and

got 2¢ a piece on them. You have to

give in a broken one for each record

you buy now. After lunch Midge and I

checked our suitcases through on our

tickets and my trunk also. I said “Goodbye”

at the telephone co. and then at Barrett;

came back and moderately cleaned up

the room. Whew! this house is a mess!

     Raids on the icebox for lemonade (It’s

unbearably hot) and then Danny came to

spend the night. I’m now a Junior!