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June 3

    Sadly and sentimentally we left the ΚΔ

house and Billsburg, bound for the land of

the skyscrapers and a summertime full

of…..who knows?

    Pat, Kay and I stuck pretty much

together for the hottest, messiest trip we’ve

ever taken. Gad, it was terrific!!! It

was usual with trips into the dining

cars and “pick ups” by soldiers. It’ll take

us days to get rid of the grime ingrained

in our skin.

    Mother, Dad, Liz and Bugsie met Pat

and me at Penn Station and after

informal introductions all around we

had hamburgers at the Savarin

finished off with iced coffee and apple

pie. The onions on the hamburger, on top

of the heat and other stuff, made my

tummy react violently.

    It is good to be home. – fun

too for Pat to be here with me!