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June 4

   A lazy morning – ideal as the first

day at home. We loafed around the

house and then out in the garden, feeling

at peace with the world. For lunch we

made a beeline for a Chinese restaurant

in Jamaica and drooled over the

chow mein. Such fun to be back in

civilization!! We went to the Valencia

and saw Judy Garland and Van Heflin

in “Presenting Lily Mars” and “Sherlock

Holmes in Washington” with Basil Rathbone.

It was a good show – Pat was amazed

at the double feature (hadn’t seen one

in so long!)

   After the movies we met Daddy at

Rencher’s and after waiting for him

drove to the Triangle Restaurant. I had

clam cocktail soft shell crabs, beer and

raspberry sherbet.

    Talked to Audrey, Mom Hettler and

Mom Brennan on the phone.