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June 5

   Up early and into the New York Paramount

to see “Five Graves to Cairo” starring

Franchot Tone. It was all about the

beginnings of Rommel’s rout in North Africa

and much better than I’d expected.

Grace Barrie and orchestra were there

in person as was Frank Sinatra. The

house was jammed with women who

drooled over him. I’ve never heard

such a bunch of frustrated females –

twas disgusting!!!!

    This afternoon Bugsie and Audrey

came up and we all just hung

around in the garden making the

most of the heat and getting caught

up on all of the latest news.

   My postcards for grades came today:

A in Economics; B in Philosophy;

and B in Psychology plus my B in

English Lit. I’m muchly pleased

with them all.