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June 6

   Sunday, so we slept late and finally

got up in time for Pat and me to go

to mass at St. Gerard’s. It was

unusual for me, but I enjoyed the

novelty of it. After church we

bumped into Jean Mouyios Lynch and

Jack. It’s been ages since we were

such close friends: gad! the water

that’s flown under the bridge since


   Today I pored through the papers

looking at want ads trying to find

prospects for a job. It was fascinating

as I scanned the papers for “Chambermaid”

jobs and the like – don’t think I’m

interested though in that.

    Bugsie came up and she, Pat and I

walked to Umlandt’s and then

Pat played the piano and we sang –

a quiet, restful day.

    Mrs. Brennan and Pat called to tell

me about Bill.