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June 7

   A rainy, sloppy day but Mother Pat and I went

into New York while I looked for a job. I

answered an ad for the Sun and it looked

terrifically attractive. I was tempted to lie

but had to admit I only wanted a summer

job. Phooey!!! I went to American Tel

and Tel too, but they no longer have any

summer openings either, so as yet I’m

not a breadwinner. Disappointing day!

   Mother Pat and I had lunch at the

Vanderbilt and then Pat and I walked

around inbetween showers, buying

records and sheet music and a leather

initialed wallet for Bill Boyd’s birthday.

I tried to get a cigarette case but couldn’t,

so I hope he likes it.

    Kind of tired we came home on the

subway and rested around all evening

talking some more and writing letters.

    I received a letter from Floyd.

Bugsie and Joanie phoned – also Louise.