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June 8

   It was a discouraging morning in

that we went to Gertz’s to have our

hairs fixed and the results weren’t too

good. Disgusted, we went in to Loft’s for

sandwiches and sodas, which were likewise

crummy. – but the cashier made a mistake

and gave us too much change which made

up for it. (We were too disgusted to be honest)

    This afternoon we went over to Garden

City to see St. Mary’s graduation. It was

the first time I’d been able to go back

and certainly enjoyed it immensely. I

sniffed a little sniff in the Cathedral

and reminisced about two years ago. The

teachers and Mrs. March were grand – so

nice to see them again. I went up in the

chapel and saw my bronze plaque for

winning the gold cross.

    Pat and I went down to Hettlers – talked

and played bridge during a blackout.

    My trunk came – Eureka, I can change

my dresses!!!!