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June 9

    This was a smooth day after starting out

on the wrong foot. I wanted to hunt a job but

it rained and I couldn’t; so my spoiled brat

characteristics revealed themselves and my general

attitude was hellish – sorry!

    Pat and I went into town to meet

Douglas Morgan, a bachelor friend who’d grown

up with her mother. He’s a Wall Street bachelor

of the nth degree but nice. We had cocktails

and lunch at Churchill’s at 42nd and Park.

Then we (Pat & I) met mother to see “The

Doughgirls” starring Arleen Whelan, Doris

Nolan, Virginia Fields and Arlene Francis.

It was risque and darling – not dirty.

     We had a cocktail in the Astor Bar and

bumped into Bussie there for a chat. Then

we hopped on the subway and met Dad

for a lush dinner in the Bermudians

Terrace at the St. George. We sat

around and listened to the music.

    Letter from Margie Borcher; Louise phoned,

with plans for tomorrow.