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June 10

    An interesting day! I got out early as

usual and went into New York, job hunting.

I went to the Corwin Personnel Office, which

was awfully nice and sent me to Parents

Magazine and WOR. The first job was

filing stencils which didn’t sound too

inspirational and the other though super, required

being a rapid typist with some experience; so

I ended up at Bell’s Bakeries, Inc. in the

Equitable Life Insurance Co. building. It’s the

central office for a national chain of

bakeries, none of which are in New York.

It’s a small office so the work

would be varied. Mr. Farris had promised

to interview another girl, so he’ll decide

and I will too, and I’ll call him tomorrow.

     I met Pat and Lou Dietz for lunch at

Rosoff’s. After awhile we went to the Roxy

and saw “My Friend Flicka” and the

Merry Macs, Hartmanns, Mitze Mayfair, etc.

in person.

     Nana was here this evening.