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June 11

    Right after nine I phoned Mr. Farris

and we both decided for me to take the job. – I’m

awfully glad: me and the apple strudles!!!!!!

Now a whole string of complications arise cause

I’m not eighteen yet and so have to take out

working papers. It’s a blow to my pride! I

feel as though I’m violating the Child Labor

Laws or something.

    Pat and I lost ourselves on the Brooklyn

subways but ended up at the Hotel St. George

where we saw the view from the roof and

had lunch. Then we went through Davis

and Geck and saw people; after which

we went to the metropolitan and saw

Barbara Stanwyck in “Lady of Burlesque”

and a slapstickish comedy. It was a

pretty good show.

    We met Daddy again and hopped on the

“el” for Woodhaven where Mother met us.

He went to Rencher’s and then we had a

grueling but good dinner at the triangle.