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June 12

    We didn’t accomplish much today.

This morning we deliciously just lay

around and I read “Ann Vickers”

inbetween getting dressed and taking

the garden furniture outside. – not

very ambitious.

     Joanie and Audrey came up today

and we just played around and

talked. Pat left to spend the weekend

with her aunt in the Bronx and

finally called to say she’d gotten

there safely without getting lost.

     Mom Brennan called for a long

chat to read me a 14-page letter

Bill had written her the early part

of this week, which she “shared” with

me. It was real nice but I certainly

would like to get one of my own. My sex

appeal has diminished again.

     Joanie has gotten 4 Vmail letters and

a cablegram from Tim in North Africa this week –

she’s so happy!