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June 13

   I got all dressed and prepared to go to

church with Audrey who was waiting for a long

distance call from Jack Mendermann at Lowry

Field Colorado. By the time he did call and

I found out she wasn’t going, it was too

late for me to go either. Lengthy and weak

excuse (I couldn’t “face God” with it!)

When Jack did call her he told her he’s

being sent to OCS in Florida, for which

she’s really happy and proud.

   After dinner I settled down to writing

long, chatty letters to Bill, Bill, Floyd,

Danny, Punchy, Colbie and Margie

Borcher. I feel as though I’ve accomplished

a month’s correspondence – well, I almost


    Pat came back from the Bronx and has

to leave Tuesday since her Mother and

Dad want her to go to summer school.

     We talked all evening and I prepared

for going to work tomorrow.