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June 15

   Such a lovely life! Work today got sort

of tiring. Today was my "Have two

aspirins for lunch" day but afterwards

I got into the swing of things and

managed to get stuff accomplished.

Still I'm kind of weary! I'm not

used to this working girl proposition

yet, but I like it good anyhoo!

   Tonight the Happy Girls Club met in

full force up here. Bugs, Audrey,

Joan, Jeanette, Myrtie, Camilla, Edith

and Jacqueline came and we had

a wonderful gab session. They're

such grand girls− Camilla is

really nice too. It's funny how people

change, or rather how your conceptions

of them change.

     Bliss! Bill Boyd phoned from

Wilkes Barre. He's home on a 14 day

furlough – is spending the first week

home and is coming here next week.

I'm so happy!