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June 16

     Things can't get much better.

Today was another wearyingish day

and my feet nearly killed me, but I

enjoyed it. I made a ledger for the

requisitions, did the mail, shaved dictaphones,

and on and on. Mr. Farris called

me in the office and said I

had a chance for advancement. As

soon as they get another girl to

fill my clerical job, I'll be promoted

to the accounting department. I'm

real excited about it all, and hope

I'll be able to be promoted soon.

Heck, I'll be president by the end

of the summer! Seriously though, I

was and am thrilled and really like

it all a lot.

    I met Mother and Dad for dinner at

Riggs. – was too tired to be sociable.

    I got a card from Jimmy Mooney from

San Antonio, Texas. Gad!