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June 18

   Today was paycheck day and after

quite a bit of confusion with everyone

wondering whether or not I would be

actually paid this week, I pounced

into Mr. Farris' office, emerging with

a paycheck for $18.01. It was real

purty and I hated to cash it, but

cash it we must, the morning we get

it. Anyhoo it felt good to have my

wallet bulging with my very own earnings.

     During lunch hour I walked up to

34th Street and bought me a real purty

pair of white non-rationed shoes.

     Mother met me at the Forest Hills

station and then we met Daddy at

Rencher's before going to a diner for

Western sandwiches.

     Nana was here when we got home.

     Gosh, this week has whizzed by so

much more quickly than I'd thought. It

seems so funny to be a steady working girl.