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June 19

   Mmm! It felt so good to sleep until

after ten and to be beautifully lazy

all the rest of the day. ‘S funny how you

appreciate the quiet of nature after

toiling in the city all week.

   I went down to Robert's to have my

hair shampooed and set and my

eyebrows plucked so as I'll look all

purty for the probable appearance

of PFC Boyd next week. I still

wish he'd been a bit more specific

in telling me when he's coming – I hate

to be kept in suspense!

   Daddy came out on the 2:30 train

and after that we just sat around

in the garden. I finished reading

"Ann Vickers" and tore through

"Careless Rapture' which wasn't at

all sexey as its title implies.

    I got a letter from Danny – she's

seriously considering joining the WAVES