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June 20

   This was another completely relaxing day.

I didn’t even go to church again, but

just slept and read. It was very


    ‘Twas Father’s Day and we gave Daddy

completely practical presents such as

mouthwash, tooth powder hair tonic,

and shaving cream. It was unromantic

but he seemed really pleased with

it. All of us gave our Dads practical

presents – Bugsie gave her father

fertilizer for his Victory Garden.

My, the changes war has made in

every respect!

   We went to Cerut’s this evening and

Donnie Heines came in and sat down

next to me, ready for a long talk. He

was so doggone sweet – twas amazing.

He’s really changed or so it seemed anyway.

He goes to Dartmouth for naval training

next week.

   We had steak for dinner!