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June 21

   I rose early this morning and put

lipstick on twice before it looked well enough.

I tried to keep from getting dirty – all

in hopes of Bill’s coming today, but today

came and has gone by, without any

traces of him. I’m getting really

anxious to see him.

   Work was unexciting. I started

out to “help” Evelyn and ended up

by filing most of the day. It was

fun and I liked it for a change;

but wouldn’t especially like it for

a steady position in life.

   At this point I’m in a sizzling

mood and feel I have lost every

trace of sex appeal. No signs of

Bill Boyd – no mail from Bill

Brennan since I’ve been home – and

no prospects of any. Mom Brennan

has called for lengthy conversation –

Willy’s busy and all that!