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June 23

   Today was a most dissatisfactory day.

Through a misunderstanding I’d thought

Bill would call or something since he was

to spend the evening with his Aunt Ruth.

He didn’t call and I felt kind a’ low,

cause inspite of my bravado air of

“Everything’s fine this time” down deep

I realize that we have almost missed

each other again. Oh gosh, he’s so

very swell – why does everything have

to be so confusing!

   Work went by without my paying much

attention to it! I did what I was supposed

to, but was concentrating on my “emotional

problems” too much to notice many business


   I got a nice letter from Floyd which

bolstered my ego enough to keep it

from drooping on the ground completely.

He expects a furlough fairly soon.

    Nana came here this evening.