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June 24

    Such a superly wonderful day! I

was still kind of curious about the

outcome of this furlough but it couldn’t

have been much better. After work

I met Mother, Dad and Bill at the

Hotel Pennsylvania. We had dinner in

the Café Rouge. Will Osborne opened there

and it was really a wonderful evening.

Then we came home and talked and stuff

for awhile. It seems that uncomfortably he

understands me pretty completely now; and

is taking the policy of tormenting me as

he claims I’ve tormented him. It was really

swell and tonight will always be one of

my extra special memories. He said

those famous three little words and

they sounded awfully good. There’s

something so sincerely nice about

Bill that – I like him very

much. I wish what we “have between us”

could develop naturally. I wonder……