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June 25

   Today was kind of sad. All day as I

filed I thought about last night and

tried to get things straightened out in my

own mind, but can’t honestly decide how

much is the war and how much is

genuine “pulse palpitation.” I spose my

trouble though is that I try to analyze

things too much and try to store away

memories for future reference when really

they’ve got to be lived for themselves. (My

such a philosophical turn of mind!) I

met Bill at Penn Station and saw him

off. It was so much harder this time than

ever before for it seems as though we

really just met and understood each

other last night and now he’s gone.

He probably won’t have another furlough –

he wants to go overseas so very badly.

God, I hate to see fellows off to war. –

especially when it’s a SUPER fellow.

   Letter from Punchy and an announcement

of a baby boy born to Libby & Charlie Beville.