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June 27

   Yike but twas hot all day. I’m sure

you could have roasted a chicken on my

pillow last night. The heat and humidity

are raging a battle to see which can

break the most records.

   This morning Danny and I thumbed

through old yearbooks and old snapshots

and I really enjoyed reminiscing.

I found pictures of both Bills and

Dave taken at Bill Boyd’s home in

Wilkes Barre. They were in hunting

garb and were aiming with guns. That

was less than two years ago and

now they’re aiming the real things

differently. Oh Lord, tis terrific!

   All day we just lounged around,

talking a lot and reading a little.

Danny went in on the train with

Daddy. It was fun having her here.

    I still miss Bill a lot; and

wish it were last week with it ahead of me.