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June 28

   Back to work − realistically this time

without the confused glamour of last week

to look forward to. It was kind of hard

today. Jean is on a week’s vacation and

while she’s gone, in addition to the other

stuff, I’m helping with her job, which

is the payroll situation: I do so love

working there, for the experience is

really varied. It was fun learning the

mechanisms of an adding machine today

and initialing the payrolls. I really

enjoyed it and look forward to finishing

my work so that I can do the other.

    It was terrifically hot today so they

let us out at 4:30. With Mr. Jones’

cooperation I was actually finished by a

little after five – amazing!

   Daddy came out tonight instead of our

meeting him later at Rencher’s.

   Kay Johnson wrote me and likes summer

school (She was elected to Judicial Council). Louise

phoned & I called Cary.