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July 6

   Back to work – and oh! – I didn’t

feel too well to begin with and didn’t

enjoy being faced with stacks and

stacks of mail. Then, Mary, Evelyn

and everybody seemed to have different

ideas of things I should do − and I

only could do one thing at a time.

I did file and account the quarterly

payrolls. Such experience as I’m

still getting all the time!

   I got letters from Danny, Midge and

Floppy Pettigrew. Danny is definitely

joining the Spars and seems very

enthusiastic about it. Midge is working

at the Psychological Corporation with

Beth and wrote about Ward – she’s

an especially neat girl and I like

her loads. Floppy is sweltering

through summer school but seems

to be having fun with the chaplains

and stuff.