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July 7

   It teemed this morning, but in raincoat and

boots I braved the elements and went in to

work as usual. Nothing exciting happened –

excepting that (miracle of miracles!) I got

out at 5:00 tonight. I felt like raising

the flag and orating a speech on

the beauty of people who get their

mail in early enough for me to finish

early. It was the first, and probably

the only time, that I ever walked

out of 393 7 Ave at the right moment.

   Daddy and Mother met me at the

Forest Hills station and we had dinner

at the Fish Grotto. The shrimp creole

I chewed was delicious!

   I got an invitation to Carolyn Harley’s

shower for Connie Korn, and a letter

from Punchy and Bill Boyd. Punchy’s job

with the Air Corps sounds perfect.

Bill’s letter was perky indeed – such

a nice boy!