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July 8

    Work was uneventful. Mary, Jean and

I began on the quarterly payrolls.

It’ll be lush when they’re finished

and the State and Federal reports

are finally turned in. I never realized

the rigamarole to getting a paycheck.

It always seemed so simple!

    At lunch hour I went into Macy’s to

buy guest towels for Connie’s shower and

bibs for Libby’s baby. I felt completely

maternal in the nursery shop, with

all the gravid women.

   This evening I rebeled at the long

list of letters I had to write, but

managed to scribble off notes to

Danny, Margie and Pat. I got a

peculiar carburetorish letter from

Floyd – completely unstimulating! I’d

love to settle down to just write a

few people instead of the long string.

   Nana was here!