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July 9

   Work went by unexcitedly again. I don’t

like Fridays that aren’t paydays! After

the day was over, I was to meet Mother

and Dad at the Hotel St. George and

merrily hopped on the seventh avenue

subway. That was the beginning of an

experience as a man of sloppy appearance

and foreign accent descended upon me

in a corner and began the wandering

hand routine. It was rather an

experience for Cold, Frigid Hirsch and

I admit I was rather pale and

weak-kneed as I met Mother and

Dad finally. We had a good dinner and

then chatted with a little old lady

in the lounge. We came home and

I washed my hair. – I was too tired

to do anything else, although I

began a letter to Bill Boyd. Another

week has zoomed by – the weekend

promises to be smooth though.