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July 10

   This was such a grand day! I lay

around all morning trying to get straightened

out the confusion of whom I was to meet, where.

Finally, Cary, Beth and I met in front

of Lord & Taylor’s. It was so good for three of

the Harem girls to be together again – missed

Punchy though. We went for a fifth avenue

busride and then met Louise at the Astor.

After the picturesque trek over the George

Washington bridge we ended up at Carolyn’s

darling house. It was truly super to see her,

Connie, Midge, and Doris Miller again. Connie’s

sister was there too as were two girls from

Fairlawn. We had a delicious buffet supper

and then cutely began Connie’s treasure hunt

for her shower gifts. I love all those

girls dearly and just realized how

much I’ve missed them. We stood

around and sang and reminisced and

looked toward the future. The trip home

was fun as we stopped for a good Humor.