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July 11

   Such a completely swell and completely

natural day! Bill Brennan phoned locally and it

seemed so good. As soon as he’d dressed

he came up, looking super in his uniform.

He’s changed a lot – grown up some and

developed a riot of a sense of humor. All

in all, he’s a terrifically nice fellow. We

walked down to his house and then over to

Yeoman’s. They haven’t heard from Dave in

seven weeks – he’s probably en route to Russia

with the Merchant Marines. Mrs. Yeoman was

so glad to see Bill and awfully cute about

the whole situation. We went back for a

wonderful dinner at Brennan’s. The whole

family is truly grand, and I felt

completely at home. Bill was dashing

around trying to get everything accomplished.

Finally Mom Brennan, Pat and I went in to

Grand Central to see him off. He

kissed us goodbye and then went on his way.

I’m so glad he was home though if only for

a day.