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July 12

   What a day! It began when I arrived

at the office to find it locked with noone

there. Finally Mr. Jones came up with

a key and the day began. Each time

I’d start to do one thing, five others

would seem to pop up! Then when the

day finally ended I hopped on the wrong

train and ended up in South Jamaica.

You’d think I’d get wise to myself!

Then began a trek of various buses

till I eventually got home an hour

late. Zowie!

   The news at home wasn’t too cheerful.

Daddy may have to be operated on,

which isn’t a very elevating thought.

Then – still no house! We trekked

down to the Marvin house which

surely is a honey. How I’d love to

live there, but talk is strong of

moving into town. I wonder which

end is up!