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July 13

   Today was a busy day and as a result I’m

tired again. Then too – I wish we’d

decide that we won’t be forced to spend the

rest of our lives in Central Park! During

my lunch hour I went up to 44th St.

to the St. James theater to try and get

tickets for Cary, Lynn and me to see

“Oklahoma” Saturday, but no soap! Seats all

are sold for weeks in advance.

Tomorrow I’ll try at other places and

see what can be done!

   Margie Borcher phoned at the office from

Huntington. It seemed strange to talk to

her again. She’s contemplating taking my job.

It would be lovely if it would work out.

Yike – then I could actually be promoted.

   Dad was out tonight – deep discussions –

and a jaunt to the Marvin house! Letters

from Pat Lavery (Pete popped up) and

Bugsie, who seems to be having a super

time on her vacation at Windham.