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July 14

   Bastille day, with eyes on the French as

Geraud lands in Washington. Eyes also

on the allies’ successful invasion and

advance in Sicily!

   After work, I came home; cleaned

up: and went with Audrey to the

Happy Girls Club meeting at Camilla’s.

Jean Mouyios Lynch was there, being

completely the young married woman type.

The difference between her and us

was terrifically noticeable! I sat

inconspicuously in a corner as Jacqueline

displayed her ΘΓ frat pin; Aud and

Irene talked about marriage. Jeannette

and Lil sighed about their future hopes;

Joanie talked about her airmail letters

from Africa, and so on. My, our

gang, has verily grown up – soon

we’ll be at the proud mama stage –

or will we???? Everyone certainly

seems happy though.