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July 16

   Pay day! Such bliss even though the

government is enjoying my salary –

$3.20 was gently taken out as withholding

tax. Even so though, the money feels

good! Today’s work was marked by a

trip to the draft board (to get deferment

blanks for the manager of our Quincy

plant) and a door-to-door hunt for

a locksmith to make keys as duplicates

for Mr. Farris’ desk. I was finally


   I met Mother at the Paramount to

see “Dixie” with Bing Crosby and

Mitchell Ayres and the Andrews Sisters

in person. It was quite good though we

didn’t stay to see it all. We stopped

for some Chow Mein on the way home.

    Danny was sworn into the SPARS

last week! Mrs. Brennan heard from Bill –

no August leave – strict drill

instead. Phooey!