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July 17

   Today was Cary’s eighteenth birthday so

we celebrated accordingly. (Now I really am

the Last of the Mohicans!) I went down to

the apartment to meet her and Lynn

for lunch, complete with birthday cake.

After a bit of discussion over the

supposed filthiness of “Early to Bed,” it

was decided to go see it anyhoo. I don’t

care what anyone says, I enjoyed it

loads and it was as decent as most

other New York musicals are. The

music was terrifically good too. “There’s

a Man in My Life” especially appealed

to me. (Is there one though?) Cary and

I said Gbye to Lynn and then went

to Toffenetti’s to sip daiquiris as

a birthday toast. It was fun, even

though the day threatened not to be

too stimulating.

   No mail from South Dakota in awhile!

I wish there would be some!