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July 18

   Twas beastly hot, so scantily garbed in

shorts I basked in our backyard sun,

writing Bill, Bill, Floyd and Punchy. I only

owe three more letters which is truly

amazing! I haven’t gotten my correspondence

down to that level in months!

   I had longish telephone conversations with

Bugsie and Audrey and then they came

here for a walk to Umlandt’s. We sipped

sodas, smoked, and talked and talked.

I love them both dearly. ‘S funny how we’ve

all changed, inspite of remaining basically

the same underneath.

   This evening we stopped and looked at the

Maguire house. It’s rather old fashioned, but

could be fixed up nicely I imagine. I’ve

just been spoiled by thoughts of the

Marvin house. It certainly would be nice

if we could move there! – it certainly

would be nice if we could move