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July 19

   Such a busy Monday! In the midst of all

the usual hurry scurry of extra mail

and the like, I met Margie Borcher for

lunch in Schrafft’s. It was the first I’d

seen her in two years – she looks and

acts just the same as always! She’s

interested in getting my clerical job. (Ah!)

I spoke to Mr. Farris and he said he

didn’t think it wise to hire anyone

new for a week or so; and that’s the way

it goes! Still it was a reunion!

   Bugsie phoned me at the office to tell

me she was taking care of one of Bell Bakeries’

orders, personally, I think it’s such fun

that [Victor?] Chemical is one of our customers

(vice versa rather!). To think that Bugsy

and I are united in the business world even!!!

   I got the screwiest mock-perky letter

from Jimmy – such a crazy, but nice

boy! I also heard from Colby with a note

written by Art – he leaves for the army!