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July 20

   Everything went wrong today! I kept

making mistakes with the payrolls and

had to do things about ten times before

getting it straightened out, but 5 o’clock

came and wearily the mail finally got

out and the day was over.

     With overnight bag in hand I trekked

down to the Hughes’ apartment – talked to

CB till Cary got home from her overtime

at 7:[5?]0. We had a delicious dinner of

chicken and rice and then went around

the corner to the movies and saw

“Action in the North Pacific” a drama

in which Humphrey Bogart showed off

the glories of the Merchant Marines. It

truly was exciting and patriotism -

inspiring. We got out of the show at

midnight – back to the apartment for

ice cream and a cigarette – and long

talks deep into the night It was

all lots of fun!