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July 21

   I slept till 8:00 A.M. (gloriously late for

a working morning!) and then hopped

the subway for work. Today was another

one of THOSE days! I walked over to the

draft board again and had to wait for it

to open – fooled around on fourth avenue

till then. Finally I went to the bank,

leaving the book there and having to walk

all the way back to it.

   I met Mother and Dad for dinner at

the Savarin and heard the stupendous

news: we’re going to move into the Marvin

house! Never in my wildest moments did

I hope for anything so wonderful. It’s a

dream of a house and I love it dearly.

I just hope we’ll have as much fun

and less trouble as in this home.

It’s a new leaf and promises to be good,

‘ceptin’ – damn the war!

   The U.S.C. fellow (Harold Kinsly) returned

from Washington to spend this week in N.Y. –

phoned last night and tonight!