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July 22

   I’m still beaming obnoxiously over

the prospect of moving into the

Marvin house. It’s so exactly the

kind of house I’ve dreamed of living

in some day (aside from the little

white cottage with green shutters!) –

I’ll even have a fireplace in my

bedroom. It’s heavenly!

   It rained terrifically hard all

day, but I managed to float

to work and back again. We’ve finished

computing the yearly payrolls at

last! Now, just to catch up on the

back work!

   Harold phoned at 7:00 this morning

(ooh!). He’d planned coming out this

evening but was being sent to

Trenton instead.

   I got a long newsy letter from Bill

Boyd – similar to Jimmy’s mock perky

one but more so. Next month he moves to

Alliance, Nebraska.