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July 23

   Evelyn and I decided to go out to

lunch together from now on, so began officially

by eating at Soloway’s on seventh Avenue.

The salmon salad was good and we had

a lot of fun – she’s also crazy!

     This afternoon I went up to Bannisters

office and then over to the Post office

so didn’t accomplish much office

work. Soon after came the deluge

however – or rather – to be more

specific the deluge didn’t come. Mr.

Jones showed his worst nature yet

and I didn’t leave the office till

a far off bell chimed six o’clock. I

was in a completely nasty mood, but

had an encouraging chat with Mr. Farris.

     Daddy was here when I finally

got home for a late dinner. Bugsy

phoned as did Cary and Louise.

Bugsy’s going to the movies with

us tomorrow – plans to go to the Stadium